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ShilinTianmu Park

Entrance of the Tianmu Park
Entrance of the Tianmu Park
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District / Village: Shilin / Tianmu Vil
Location: Next to Lane 141, Section 7, Zhongshan North Road, Shilin District, Taipei City
Area: 57,815 m2
Built: 1971
Management by: Yangmingshan Park Management Division
Opening times: All Day
Transportation: Take Mini bus M11 to the Tianmu Park Stop and walk down the stairs.

It is never exaggerated to describe Tianmu Park as an emerald. Built in the 1971s, the park is a natural park where the Southern Sulfur Creek runs across silently to bring different scenes in different seasons and demonstrate a tranquil and elegant feeling. Sitting among classy dwellings, Tianmu Park is like an emerald necklace linked by the Southern Sulfur Creek, bringing an unearthly beauty.
In this park occupying an area of 57,815m2, all trees have grown up into shades to make the park an important green area and leisure spot in Shilin and Tianmu. In front of the park entrance a number of aged rubber trees bring a strong Southeast Asian charm. The gigantic bayan trees in the park even bring a sharp contrast to the green.
Various sports facilities have been planned in this quasi-rectangular park, including basketball courts, badminton courts, roller skating, and foot massage paths. Other facilities in the park include the children’s playground, creative & graffiti zone, and mood message board. These comprehensive facilities make the park suitable for family visits to enjoy leisure, exert creativity, and release emotional stress.
Blessings for Tianmu from the twisted Southern Sulfur Creek. Welcome to Tianmu Park. Before leaving the park, find a vantage point to silently watch the beauty of the Southern Sulfur Creek.

Fitness Facilities: Climbing Frame at the basketball court,Chin-ups, 步Rambler, Tri-twist Waist Trainer, Tri-ho Pulley, Arm Wheel.
Recreational Facilities: none
Service Facilities: Skating Ring, Badminton Courts.
Historical Monuments: none

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Entrance of the Tianmu Park
Entrance of the Tianmu Park
Park Name Sign of the Tianmu Park
Park Name Sign of the Tianmu Park